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“It’s such a gift for someone to tell you the truth, and it’s such a gift for someone to create art with the mess and the chaos and the despair of life, to have turned it into a song, a poem, a nov

So many ways to communicate Good News. I love the proclamation, the word of mouth, even as I remember the challenge of St.

My Grandfather's Barn

Soon winter comes and deepening roots in blackened soil of centuries past
Go cold, though growing still and white-snow laden;

feet wading into lake
Walking on water in liquid time
ankles, toes, shanks immersed
but not quite sinking, yet:
Can we learn to walk on water?

Sometimes you have all the equipment – but you really can’t think of anything to say. Other times, the reverse is true.

Book Cover

Sure, I know it's later - by say, ahem at least 10 years or so . . .

Well, winter has finally really hit southern Ontario, with cold, wind-chill, freezing rain and snow.

Statue of Jesus, Turlough, Ireland

Frederich Buechner always challenges my faith, inspires my heart and gives new insight into both how to understand and how to say things that are important.

Laurie Barber

When I start a new blog or web-site, I think: So, here we go and one can only hope it all improves as we go!

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