Image and Story

To See and Say



In Post-Modern Pilgrims, Leonard Sweet wrote: "Postmodern culture is image driven. The modern world was word-based. Its theologians tried to create an intellectual faith, placing reason and order at the heart of religion. Mystery and metaphor were banished as too fuzzy, too mystical, too illogical."

So preaching, writing, sharing faith has had to change. Or has it; even, should it?

Postmodern doesn't obliterate Modern; it simply(?) adds to it, something more, further ways. But the old ways still work through, I think. Let's not throw out reason and order, the mind and some rational, logical figuring things out as best we can.

They are still preferred by some, perhaps by many. The old is not always replaced by the new nor is the new necessarily better.

Sweet continues, "After forfeiting to the media the role of storyteller, the church now enters a world where story and metaphor are at the heart of spirituality." Well, that's certainly true, and I hope to join with others in the pursuit of telling the old, old Story of God's love, as it was originally: in story and metaphor.

The Bible never grows old; theology textbooks - erm, well, yes they do. 

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