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Epiphany! - The Light of Christ dawns on the whole world, every nation, every person.

The Church celebrates Epiphany on January 6th of each year.

Easter Window

A prayer for Easter Morning and for each day after, as Easter People. Join me in prayer.

The Christ has died, reversed the flow
Of history, time and weal and woe;
The crimson tide that spreads its store
Has brought its cleansing to our shore.

Pilgrim in Rome

London England’s church, St. Martin’s in the Field, at one time had the following statements of belief on their website (not inclusive here): -

In many ways, in Lent we are living in a time in-between. And it’s a ‘mean-while.’

A Lenten Resource: The Journey

winter trail

The Lenten Season reminds us of all of those times when we know hardship and difficulty. It is a time in-between. We say, “in the meanwhile . .

Gathered around the Manger

It was difficult at first for God’s People who were accepting Jesus as the promised and hoped-for Messiah to allow that perhaps He too was come for the deliverance of the whole world.

For the Shepherds (if one may speculate and think of groups representatively), there is to be brought unique gift and purpose, as in the following:

Click on picture/movie and listen as you read.

tiny green branch from tree bark

Poets’, preachers’ letters, words —
Strong and weak, inspire to share,
Dull shepherds, mighty angels’ chantry:
Stories lift like birds in air.

True Enough

sepia creche

Real worth is found in the Babe of Bethlehem, in the Christ of Glory!

Iona chapel window

I love all the Christmas music -- the cantatas, the carols. I also really like some old Christmas poems. Here’s one by Christopher Fry” -

Christmas by Candlelight: St. John's Prologue

Christmas Interlude

I play for my own amazement (erm, amusement) and in wonder and joy at the Message of Christmas.

In many cold climes Advent days are short and cold.

Advent means waiting.

But actually, I hate waiting. I’m one of the most impatient people you’ll meet.

God told Job that at the creation of the world "the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy."

Silhouette: Room at Christmas

I like the fact that Christians 'keep score' and 'tell time' in another way besides the usual bottom line(s) of life and the mere chronology of the passing hours and days.


Advent is a Season of waiting. Christians begin a new wait (not a wake, though we should come awake) each year, as the Christian Calendar commences it's own season passings.

Donkey to Borrow

The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, centuries ago, was met with welcome, wonder and anger. Listen and discover why.

Reading at Christmas

Recently I saw an interview of a young family - a mom and a dad and a little girl of four or five years of age, refugees recently escaped, exiles of  war-torn Syria living now with us in the GTA.

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