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A movie based on James 2: 1 - 12  (The New Testament, NIV)

The nature of God is Being.

Identity and personality are important aspects of self-discovery and enhancement. But where and how does that happen?

This video in interesting and compelling and shows the necessity of healthy relationships - friendships and community to bring us into a fuller life and to keep us from self-and-society destroying

A family travels together

We all want to belong, to fit in, to know that we are welcome, respected and cherished. Family is about that, and so is belonging to the Family of God, the Church.

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This Sermon was preached by Dr. Laurie Barber at Kingsway Baptist Church, September 28, 2014.

This sermon, Community of Love: How Wide? was preached by Dr. Barber at Kingsway Baptist Church, Toronto, Ontario, on the 21t of September of 2014.

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The church is at heart a people movement of those who are following Jesus.

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Does negation of family, clan, tribe and community and pressing towards individual freedom, rights and wants lead to inevitable chaos?


I think of the words of Jean Vanier, founder of the L'Arche Communities (one of which is in Richmond Hill, Toronto) as I ponder how the church is best built up to strengthen people and bless the ho

family and friends

We need to form more partnerships and find more friends to help us on our Journey.

I am pleased to note the many new and emerging expressions of Christian faith and community.

a table spread with plates and food

I take for granted being able to sit down at table with friends and family - in the warmth of a cozy house in mid-winter, with all of the provision for both need and pleasure.

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