So many ways to communicate Good News. I love the proclamation, the word of mouth, even as I remember the challenge of St.

Nike statue, Ephesus

When St. Paul visited Ephesus and spent several years of ministry there, he would have seen the Nike ‘swish’ very similar to that which has become almost ubiquitous in our day.

Ephesus Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre in Ephesus

When the Apostle Paul came with his colleagues into Ephesus, they came in 'hot.' In short, he caused a riot. He told and showed a Gospel that was powerful and true - and lasting.

Original Nike

The Power of Symbols

The god Nike, in Ephesus.

Peace and Calm

Even in the Mids of Ruin

You are the peace of all things calm

St. Johns Tomb, Ephesus

I have a friend who is ‘off the scale’ when they do tests about people being active, as opposed to those who, I suppose like me, are more contemplative.

ancient house interior, Ephesus

Houses come in different shapes and sizes, of course, and are very different from land to land and culture to culture.

tomb of St John in Ephesus

What lies ahead in the dawn of each New Year? God only knows.

Ruins in Ephesus

Walking through Ephesus (in modern day Turkey), recently, was an incredible experience. It is ‘up and down’ terrain, situated in a long sloping valley between two mountains.

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