two friends

It is a rebuke and opportunity for many of us, myself included, that Mother Theresa has said, "I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbour.


Anam Cara in Irish means: 'soul friend.' We all need one.


I think of the words of Jean Vanier, founder of the L'Arche Communities (one of which is in Richmond Hill, Toronto) as I ponder how the church is best built up to strengthen people and bless the ho

cloister face, Iona Abbey, Scotland

In the New Testament record of St. John (John 21: 1-14) we find Jesus appearing once more to his disciples by the Sea of Tiberias.

cat with mouse

Several times, when I was a boy, living in my family on the small market garden farm of my father, our cat Rusty left a ‘gift’ at our backdoor.

Moving On

border of Kenya and Tanzania

“Instead of long-term commitment, the postmodern self just moves on – to the next next show, to the next relationship.”

blue ocean at Iona's south coast

I reflect on my neediness, struggles, fears and loves in relationships.  I learn that I can receive from someone’s going as well as from their being present, that my nostalgia for the past and my f

Pool debris

In the summer sunshine heat and stresses of life, deep relationships, like swimming pools, are very welcome gifts.

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