Isle of Mull view, Iona, Scotland

While visiting 'Holy Island,' the island of Iona in Scotland, we travelled one day north on the Isle of Mull to Tobermory. The views are spectacular.

lake and heather, Iona, Scotland

Here is a podcast that includes some of my thoughts on Creation and Re-Creation.



Iona Window

window, Iona, Scotland

A window in the small chapel behind Iona Abbey, at Iona, Scotland, This 'texturized' photo was achieved with a simple iPad app effect.

Tied Up . . .

Boat moored in the harvour, Oban, Scotland

Important to keep our moorings in changing times . . .

The harbour at Oban, Scotland.

The Blue Boat

a moored blue boat

This picture of a moored small blue boat was shot in the harbour of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, at medium tide.

Nunnery Ruins, Iona, Scotland

flowers at nunnery ruins, Iona

Things both new and old are worth pursuing.

The old nunnery at Iona, Scotland. The spring flowers come alive in the midst of ruin and decay - as always.

Provider and Radiance

Two boats

Things are not always as they appear. The appearance of these weathered, rusty boats, moored in the harbour at Oban Scotland, seem to bely their names: Provider and Radiance.

Isle of Mull

View of Mull

This view is from the Holy Island of Iona in western Scotland, looking across, east, to the Isle of Mull.

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