winter forest
I have always loved Winter. 

The Seasons come and go. Christmas is past. We lean into a New Year.

For those of us where the weather can be cold and intemperate, there is still much to love, much to do...

I used to like Winter.

The seasons come 'round and Winter crowds in to take its share of the year. it's an awesome time, with both beauty and challenge.

So quickly, the days of Summer speed by. And then it’s over. And then it’s Autumn.


I love all of the Seasons, though as I age and my Raynaud's Syndrome progresses, my appreciation for the colder weather wanes.

I love Spring the most, je pense.

b&w empty couch and chairs

A new year lies at our feet. And what will it bring?

The Gate of the Year

Ah yes, - The Gate of the Year. It seems like another year is about to dawn upon us. A brand new year. And all of us wonder what it will bring.

Lawn with trees and snow

We wake, staying over at friends, and the day is heavy with falling snow. The large, slowly falling flakes flicker and shift and gently touch the ground. There is no wind.

So, we're past 'frost on the pumpkins' and moving right on to snow on the apples. I hate it when autumn's splendour goes, though I love (in another overall sense) the passing of the Seasons.


Advent is a Season of waiting. Christians begin a new wait (not a wake, though we should come awake) each year, as the Christian Calendar commences it's own season passings.

The cold of winter comes to us and each year we are shocked just a little.

I Love This Time of Year !!!

Quebec Autumn colours

I love the colours of Autumn; I hate the fact that they fall and disappear. I can get depressed in November, when the colour's gone and it's not yet Christmas.

I love all of the Seasons, but I'm never all that thrilled to see Summer go. With my Raynaud's Phenomenon, much of my outside Winter activities are limited.

See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come;

yellow finch

I know Winter's coming, but I'm in denial.

winter fence, Crieff, Ontario

There's nothing like a really cold day in Ontario, Canada. I love the Seasons - love to see them come and love to see them go.

Gibbs Rd - Fall

Summer Rain

red autumn leaves

So, when raking my leaves it feels like I've been learning the meaning of the word ‘eternity.

It's About Time

ornamental clock

Ornamental clock, in Missisauga, Ontario garden centre.


         Time, like an ever rolling stream, bears all her sons away . . .

Green Beauty

green beauty

Reflections of the Trent-Severn waterway in Ontario.

Yellow Glory

yellow flower

Love the summer

More Snow Splendour

Snow Day

I love the Seasons. I love the Snow - looking at it that is, before its beauty fades, the whiteness turns to black, the magic pristine crystals slush.

Limitations of the Linear



I am quite a lateral thinker, though I can at times think, plan and act in a straight line, if that's called for.

Harvest Rolls

Harvest scene in PEI

Harvest scene in Prince Edward Island, not far from the Confederation Bridge.

Shortened Days of Autumn

The colours of Autumn

Taken near Collingwood, Ontario, the colours of Autumn fade as leaves fall and soon give way to the basic white and black of Winter.

a story painting

I love this picture by Arthur J. Eisley, 1860-1952 (as I love all paintings that tell a story, that suggest and probe); not sure why. Perhaps the early snowfall that year made me think of it.

Starting over . . .

garden ferns

The seasons come 'round as promised following the Flood. Hope spring fresh from the garden of new life . . .


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