Caring hands

God's description of fasting in Isaiah 58 is not about things we might want to stop doing, but about things we ought to start doing -- during Lent, and always.

I created this video to illustrate a poem (sort of) that I wrote recently (March 2017).

If we were going to be missionaries, say in Kenya, we would take seriously our need of entering another land, other cultures (one or more of scores of tribes and clans and sub-cultures), learning t

View of old guildhall, Fressingfield, Suffolk

The following information about the Barber Family of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England is gathered from The Bohun of Fressingfield Cartulary, Edited by Bridget Welss-Furry in the series Suff

Pilgrim in Rome

London England’s church, St. Martin’s in the Field, at one time had the following statements of belief on their website (not inclusive here): -

Really, fear is selfishness. We are concerned too much about what others think of us – how am I doing? Will I fit in? Will they laugh at me? Will others see my failure and take pleasure in it?