View of old guildhall, Fressingfield, Suffolk

The following information about the Barber Family of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England is gathered from The Bohun of Fressingfield Cartulary, Edited by Bridget Welss-Furry in the series Suff

A CBC radio interview in which host Susan McReynolds interviewed me on August 26th, 2016 - on the occasion of the return and Committal of the remains of my great-uncle, Freeman Barber, to interment

I love this interview, which I've 'pointed to' on YouTube, produced by 'Fuller Studio' - a video in which Ireland's Bono (of the Ireland-based band, U2) and pastor, author and theologian E

Bransdale Graves

Here is my father’s mother - Alice Annie Green standing by the graves of her grandparents, in England in 1896.

I'm not a scientist - don't pretend to be, but I've done a lot of reading over the years - about cosmology, evolution, theories of creation, climate change, and so on.

Laurie Barber

When I start a new blog or web-site, I think: So, here we go and one can only hope it all improves as we go!

old church

We must be careful in our love/or hate of the Church (a lover's quarrel?) and see to it that we love the brothers and sisters, whatever may be their faults - and not take on the task of accusing th

In the Old Testament, 'Ichabod' was pronounced as meaning that the 'glory' (the 'Shekinah') and the revealed presence of God had departed from the experience of God's People.

Celtic Cross, Clonmacnoise, Ireland

On a recent trip to Ireland, I visited the ancient site of the monastery of Clonmacnoise, Ireland. Dating back nearly 1,500 years, it is located in County Offaly.

hand and child

Deep within our historySwelling with the mysteryBreaking forth th' audacious Love of God

Entering that mysteryMaking it our storyHoping in th' audacious Love of God

pink flowers

My son shared with me a book that I found difficult to put down. It’s called Shantaram and I’ve found in it all kinds of ‘wisdom.’ The author is Gregory David Roberts (published by St.

Dinah and Jonathan Oakes

Have I mentioned that Genealogy is one of my interests (read addiction) and hobbies?

Weed, Wild Carrot

The Psalmist (103: 15-18) speaks of the brevity of life but also of the promise of God's covenant love and mercy - a prompt to those who wisely determine to trust and obey the Lord.

I have Raynaud's. They don't know what causes it or how to cure it. And it sure hurts at times.

old clock and candles

This clock belonged to my great aunt, Mary Willoughby Potter, who lived with her husband Jim at Freeman’s Corners (now part of Burlington, Ontario) early in the last century.

Lambshead – interesting name, that.

Might this mean that some who think they are doing theology, aren't? - not really doing it unless it's true Scripture-mining that is led and enabled by God's Spirit.

St. Johns Tomb, Ephesus

I have a friend who is ‘off the scale’ when they do tests about people being active, as opposed to those who, I suppose like me, are more contemplative.

Life is measured by moments and we should make the most of them. And from time to time, something happens: we are arrested by something unusual, something, someone that gets our attention.

A dog and his friend

Someone has said, Fail often; it's really the only way you learn. That would be true for most of us, remember, when we were learning to walk.

In Luke 10, Jesus appointed 70 disciples and sent them out to the towns and villages where he intended to visit.

When Thomas beheld and touched the wounds of Jesus, he cried: ‘My Lord and my God!’ Jesus responded, in effect.

still water stream

We are often drawn to the wrong things for all the wrong reasons, but sometimes for the right reasons too.

beautiful flower

I once heard well-known Christian speaker and writer Tony Compolo encourage a room frull of Christians to live life to the full.

sailboat in Burlington Bay

Burlington Bay for some is Hamilton Harbour for others.

Jesus Icon, Haggia Sophia, Turkey

An ancient chant of Eucharistic devotion based on words from the book of the Old Testament prophet, Habakkuk (2:20) - "Let all the earth keep silence before him."

open window shutters

The World is Flat is the title of a book by Pulitzer prize winner Thomas L. Friedman, subtitled: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century.

water pipe

We are 'wee bits of pipe' (my words) through which flows the Living Water, the Holy Spirit, from the lives of Jesus' followers to touch the lives of those around us.

A very technical magazine included a drawing of a sunflower seed pattern, with drawings illustrating a complex engineering principle.