Really, fear is selfishness. We are concerned too much about what others think of us – how am I doing? Will I fit in? Will they laugh at me? Will others see my failure and take pleasure in it?

old clock and candles

This clock belonged to my great aunt, Mary Willoughby Potter, who lived with her husband Jim at Freeman’s Corners (now part of Burlington, Ontario) early in the last century.

Ernest Hayes Almas

The picture is of my mother's father, Ernest Hayes Almas (1900-1938).

Irish fields

Another blessing, ‘for Josie’ – in the beginning of John O’Donohue’s wonderful book on soulfriendship, entitled: Anam Cara. John gives the poem in person on the following YouTube video.

Lambshead – interesting name, that.

View of old guildhall, Fressingfield, Suffolk

The following information about the Barber Family of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England is gathered from The Bohun of Fressingfield Cartulary, Edited by Bridget Welss-Furry in the series Suff