Why They Came

An Introduction


The study of genealogy of my family roots has shown me the many reasons why various branches came to settle in Canada, some as early as 1787 (before it was 'Canada' - and others on dates such as 1836, ca1887 and 1906.

Here's a picture of the John Barber farm, Paisley Road, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, circa 1890's.

Listen (above) to the brief introduction: 'Why They Came'  - to my family's emigration(s) to Canada from places like Germany, England, the US and Ireland.

Check out my wordpress site re various branches at: https://whytheycame.wordpress.com/

Families include: Almas, Barber, Green, King, Lambshead, Newman, Oakes, Willoughby

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