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Many people grow up, sons and daughters, in relatively stable, safe and well-provided for environments. Love and caring are evident and the necessities - and more, of life are abundant.

My father died in March of 2007. I wrote this shortly before he passed through . . .

Both memories and present realities may flood our minds, or simply come and go from time to time.

My Great Uncle, Freeman Barber, was interred in the Avondale Cemetery, Guelph, ON - August 26th, 2016. I had the privilege of conducting the Committal Service.

Grandpa and Grandma Richardson lived here, in Eden Mills, ON, in the mi

Green Family, North Riding of Yorkshire

There’s Something I Discover Through Observing

Lambshead – interesting name, that.

dining room lights

I have to admit that I have probably found more genealogical material by luck then by proper research technique, though gradually I'm getting it right.

Ernest Hayes Almas

The picture is of my mother's father, Ernest Hayes Almas (1900-1938).

The study of genealogy of my family roots has shown me the many reasons why various branches came to settle in Canada, some as early as 1787 (before it was 'Canada' - and others on dates such as 18

A family travels together

We all want to belong, to fit in, to know that we are welcome, respected and cherished. Family is about that, and so is belonging to the Family of God, the Church.

equine team at St. Jacob's Market

Maybe it doesn’t matter – it’s not all that important to set out to do some thing perfectly, with excellence.


sepia: desk and window

To sit and rest, think or write; to muse and get one’s thoughts out on paper – or perhaps a photo.

Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

A friend's provision for grandchildren's fun.

Setting Table

a table set

To sit at table with family or friends, is sheer gift and something that doesn't always happen much any more, in some homes.

Road in rural Kenya

How to share faith when one is among clans and tribes - and not mere 'individuals?'

Rake Farm, Glaisdale

The home of my ancestor - Rake House at Glasidale, North Riding of Yorkshire. Elizabeth Pennock was born 1780 and died after 1841.

I suppose one of my most vivid pre-school memories was of summer afternoon naps on a prickly picnic-blanket, under a spreading elm in our backyard in Burlington, under the sometime watchful eye and

old clock and candles

This clock belonged to my great aunt, Mary Willoughby Potter, who lived with her husband Jim at Freeman’s Corners (now part of Burlington, Ontario) early in the last century.

old oriental taptestry

So, there are all those cliches about how all the colours – even the ones that initially don’t seem to fit, actually do come together someow, often quite beautifully, in the tapestry of our lives.

family and friends

We need to form more partnerships and find more friends to help us on our Journey.

Chepenhall Manor House

I like to escape into history and to find through my own genealogical records some length and breadth and perspective for the living of my days.

Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) was a Benedictine mystic whose little cell I have visited in Norwich, Norfolk England.

sailboat in Burlington Bay

Burlington Bay for some is Hamilton Harbour for others.

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