Burlington Bay


Burlington Bay for some is Hamilton Harbour for others.

Some time ago, I spent several good hours at La Salle Park Marina in Burlington (overlooking Burlington Bay towards Hamilton Harbour). Boats bob at their moorings near the northern shoreline near what used to be Oaklands Park. Many Christian ‘revival preachers’ like Gypsy Smith ministered there in the early part of the last century. Now the north shore is lined with gorgeous properties, lawns and spreading trees, luxury homes.

My mother was baptized here in the 1930’s, upon her profession of faith in Jesus, along with a number of others from the (then) Gospel Tabernacle, Freeman, which later became Brant Bible Church. It joined recently with Park Bible Church to form the ‘Compass Point’ congregation. 'Freeman' was a hamlet now almost in central Burlington, an area at the corner of Brant Street and Plains Road.

The old cabins from Oaklands were taken by my grandfather and uncles by truck to Fair Havens Bible Conference on the Trent canal, near Beaverton, where they were put to good use for a number of years. Some are still in use there.

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