winter forest
I have always loved Winter. 

The Irish, since the times of the ancient Celts of that green land, have cherished the idea of ‘thin spots’ - believing, that though the Almighty is always near, there are times and places when tha

Angel Dancing

Angels announced the First Advent of our Lord, as they will the Second.

We too join in the singing and the Joy of their God's-Spell announcements.


Music - Laurie Barber

Glendalough woods, Ireland

95 % of the videos and pics in this movie were created by me - along with the theme score: 'Killaveny.' The tune title is named after the Irish townland in Co Wicklow, Ireland - home of my Willough

Tomb at Sunset


There is a certain and inevitable outcome to our lives. We shall not live for ever. And that’s a fact.

There are lots of reasons to be unhappy in life

Toronto from the water
No reason why Reepicheep can't visit Toronto as well.
I Wonder
There's got to be another way.

There is beauty in the pain, 
And brilliance borders the insane,      
No night can stop the breaking dawn 
Nor rivers dammed from flowing on. 

Title - Listening

The importance and key to listening to people is underscored in this helpful comment by Henri Nouwen, from the book Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Truth.

Caring hands

God's description of fasting in Isaiah 58 is not about things we might want to stop doing, but about things we ought to start doing -- during Lent, and always.

Epiphany! - The Light of Christ dawns on the whole world, every nation, every person.

laughing man, Albert & Victoria Museum, London

The photo is from the Albert and Victoria Museum in London, England.

church and alps and sky

A personal prayer using words adopted (and adapted) from Psalm 36.

We have so much for which to thank our God.

Thanksgiving could be thanks-living, each and every day.

If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far - go together.


- African proverb

Once again autumn has come to us. It is sheer gift. There is a moral aspect to it (as you will note below).  I am always somewhat somber and sad as fall days unfold.


ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father; We have erred, and strayed from your ways like lost sheep. We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts.

Knowledge is great, but what to do with it? We need wisdom - but where to find it?

Knowing God and God's perspective on our world and on our lives is key.

We join in worship, angels 'round the Throne
To worship Him whose death made us His own
With elders, saints and martyrs in that Room -

Weed, Wild Carrot

The Psalmist (103: 15-18) speaks of the brevity of life but also of the promise of God's covenant love and mercy - a prompt to those who wisely determine to trust and obey the Lord.

A movie - VERY loosely based on the New Testament story: 'The Prodigal.'

'Coming Home' is a metaphor for all kinds of situations, as well as, literally, a return to the house, town or country of one's birth or upbringing.

Life's opportunities and resources can be squandered.

Urban Arrival at Night

Having left home, we find ourselves in new surroundings - with all of its new thrills, expectations and challenges.

Man with red shirt on motorcycle

We leave the home of our upbringing, sooner or later, for all kinds of reasons.

This is a world in which good things and bad can and do happen. One is not always prepared. No - we are never really prepared when evil and disaster ascend upon us, as from the Abyss.

little boy singing and dancing

There is such a thing as a healthy ego. Life would be bereft without it.

fire in fireplace

Many people grow up, sons and daughters, in relatively stable, safe and well-provided for environments. Love and caring are evident and the necessities - and more, of life are abundant.


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