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Title - Listening

The importance and key to listening to people is underscored in this helpful comment by Henri Nouwen, from the book Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Truth.

If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far - go together.


- African proverb

My father died in March of 2007. I wrote this shortly before he passed through . . .

Both memories and present realities may flood our minds, or simply come and go from time to time.

Just to be present feels like we’re not accomplishing anything at all. Think of a Funeral Home visitation with the bereaved who've lost a loved one who's life too you've known and shared.

sepia plant light

Relationships take time. Experience on experience, Days to months to years.

Investing, spending, building, growing, Some relationships become primary. Perhaps we’re not looking.

Two friends

Theologian Paul Tillich said that listening is the highest form of love. 

This video in interesting and compelling and shows the necessity of healthy relationships - friendships and community to bring us into a fuller life and to keep us from self-and-society destroying

Green Family, North Riding of Yorkshire

There’s Something I Discover Through Observing

A family travels together

We all want to belong, to fit in, to know that we are welcome, respected and cherished. Family is about that, and so is belonging to the Family of God, the Church.

Ready for bees: purple flowers

Birds do it . . . bees do it. And happily, humans too.

Bench and coffee on the lawn

The church is at heart a people movement of those who are following Jesus.

two friends

It is a rebuke and opportunity for many of us, myself included, that Mother Theresa has said, "I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbour.

People together on path

If you want to be an individual, you can do that all by yourself. But, if you want to be a person, you have to be in community. In relationships we are most truly made.

equine team at St. Jacob's Market

Maybe it doesn’t matter – it’s not all that important to set out to do some thing perfectly, with excellence.

Try this interaction: - entering, attending, dwelling and listening . . .

- to and with your spouse, with a good friend

- to and with your Church or small group fellowship

Road in rural Kenya

How to share faith when one is among clans and tribes - and not mere 'individuals?'

beach scene, Courtown, Co Wicklow

Does negation of family, clan, tribe and community and pressing towards individual freedom, rights and wants lead to inevitable chaos?


Anam Cara in Irish means: 'soul friend.' We all need one.

Interchange: man and woman

Pop culture - a great number of conversations intermingling, vying for attention.

old oriental taptestry

So, there are all those cliches about how all the colours – even the ones that initially don’t seem to fit, actually do come together someow, often quite beautifully, in the tapestry of our lives.


I think of the words of Jean Vanier, founder of the L'Arche Communities (one of which is in Richmond Hill, Toronto) as I ponder how the church is best built up to strengthen people and bless the ho

Arthur Freeman Barber

I wrote this a few yhears ago, when my Dad died.

a table spread with plates and food

I take for granted being able to sit down at table with friends and family - in the warmth of a cozy house in mid-winter, with all of the provision for both need and pleasure.

Iona - the Abbey tower under construction

'How do we penetrate society with the message and praxis of the Gospel - in a Community that is both sign and witness of Kingdom coming?' - and: 'Are there times when the church,

Moving On

border of Kenya and Tanzania

“Instead of long-term commitment, the postmodern self just moves on – to the next next show, to the next relationship.”

blue ocean at Iona's south coast

I reflect on my neediness, struggles, fears and loves in relationships.  I learn that I can receive from someone’s going as well as from their being present, that my nostalgia for the past and my f

sailboat in Burlington Bay

Burlington Bay for some is Hamilton Harbour for others.


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