Should We Just Hunker Down Awhile?

The Need of Rest and Reconstruction


'How do we penetrate society with the message and praxis of the Gospel - in a Community that is both sign and witness of Kingdom coming?' - and: 'Are there times when the church, when a disciple, may legitimately withdraw from society?'

It's not a matter of hiding out, but we may legitimately reside as ‘aliens’ and created alternative communities within the midst of a society that has not yet heard the Good News, living hiddenly and subversively among those who have not yet submitted to the Prince of Peace, without whose rule there is no peace.

The Irish Celtic church with monks and leaders who in some ways ‘saved civilization’ settled down, hunkered down at first, build monasteries, gathered the gospel message, penned and painted the Gospels in such masterpieces as the Book of Kells, sought first to live out its implations together in community, building monasteries, living in isolated places and islands like Iona and Lindesfarne – before venturing forth to convert and transform the land of the Picts and Druids, Angles and Saxons – and indeed all of Europe.

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