The world seems to be in constant pain, writhing, suffering, longing for release.

It might be our memories of that awful day in 2001 - 9/11.

statue in cloister, Iona Abbey

O Trinity of Love,
you have been with us at the world’s beginning;
be with us till the world’s end.
You have been with us at our life’s shaping;

Isle of Mull view, Iona, Scotland

While visiting 'Holy Island,' the island of Iona in Scotland, we travelled one day north on the Isle of Mull to Tobermory. The views are spectacular.

lake and heather, Iona, Scotland

Here is a podcast that includes some of my thoughts on Creation and Re-Creation.



old cross at Iona, Scotland

Interviewed by Relevant Magazine, author Malcolm Gladwell told of his return to the faith of his childhood.

Iona Window

window, Iona, Scotland

A window in the small chapel behind Iona Abbey, at Iona, Scotland, This 'texturized' photo was achieved with a simple iPad app effect.

Martin Luther and the Reformers recovered the Bible’s teaching concerning the priesthood of every believer, so that each Christ-apprentice in each and every aspect of li

1. The Issue of Guilt –In the day you eat thereof, you shall surely die . . .

Iona view and bench

I rebuke myself, well sometimes, at the many times in which I am not mostly nor fully present. The picture here shows Jane looking out to the isle of Mull from Holy Island, Iona, in Scotland.

The path I walk, Christ walks it.

May the land in which I am be without sorrow.

May the Trinity protect me wherever I stay, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Iona - the Abbey tower under construction

'How do we penetrate society with the message and praxis of the Gospel - in a Community that is both sign and witness of Kingdom coming?' - and: 'Are there times when the church,

Nunnery Ruins, Iona, Scotland

flowers at nunnery ruins, Iona

Things both new and old are worth pursuing.

The old nunnery at Iona, Scotland. The spring flowers come alive in the midst of ruin and decay - as always.

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