Desperate to Get In

The Beauty of God's Kingdom


When Dallas Willard was asked: 'How do you do “evangelism-discipleship?'  he responded with the following: "My short answer? You ravish people with the blessings of the Kingdom. You make them hungry for it."

He went on to say this about the importance, the power of words: "That's why words are so important; we must be wordsmiths. You use words to ravish people with the beauty of the Kingdom. It's the beauty of the Kingdom that Jesus said was causing people to climb over each other just to get in. People become excited like the pearl-purchaser. They will give everything to get in."

My friend Gary Davis says that evangelism, sharing the Good News with folk who can be really hard-hearted, really it's 'romancing the stones.'

Sounds like all that folk are seeking and what we Jesus-followers are supposed to be about involves much more than mere religion and over-involvement in  'church-work.'

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