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Loren Mead wrote In his book, The Once and Future Church: Reinventing the Congregation for a New Mission Frontier - "The dilemma of the church in this transitional time is that the s

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1. Plan well ahead. To do it right, or better, you'll need more preparation time.

Vulnerability in Mission

Raising the Spiritual Temperature

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“For too long we’ve read Scripture with 19th Century eyes and 16th Century questions. It’s time we get back to reading the Scripture with 1st Century eyes and with 21st Century questions.” N.T.

Eden Baptist Church

It can be a great privilege and delight to be called to minister and serve within the context of a church in a small town or village.

Jesus' apprentices have been called into the almost incredible privilege of being God’s agents of grace, love and mercy, His servants of reconciliation, peace and hope in this world.

My longing is that we may see in local churches join in the creation of a missional movement, comprised of new mission-shaped atmosphere and ethos.

rural church

Rural churches have always known that they cannot survive by themselves.

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So, perhaps really just trying to break the ice, I said: "Well, I see that your church sanctuary could seat about 300 people - but somehow you have managed to 'grow' it down to 30.

Butterfly display

The Modern Age led people to organize and analyze, and in this case to chlorophorm beauty and to pin it on white-board (complete with frame) and give it a Latin name (on the reverse side).

Chapel Cross

I am still enormously in debt to Dr. Francis Schaeffer, the founder of the L'Abri movement and at one time a co-pastor in St.

English garden

Whether we have a garden or an orchestra, we can appreciate the rich sights and smells or the wonderful sounds of music that emanate through such diversity - in the context of unity - from th

a house and home

We need to beyond the goals of having good leadership and healthy churches to an enabled ministry that actually transforms the communities in which we live and serve.

Window and Cross: Iona

Some questions and suggestions for Christians, pastors, leaders - as we try to move forward in ministry . . .

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Dan Webster of Authentic Leadership, Inc. spoke at a pastor’s conference I attended.

pilgrims in Iona, Scotland

There’s got to be a point or a ‘so what?’ aspect beyond our having good leadership and healthy churches.

What kind of church is helpful, relevant, noticed, needed in its community?

Iona - the Abbey tower under construction

'How do we penetrate society with the message and praxis of the Gospel - in a Community that is both sign and witness of Kingdom coming?' - and: 'Are there times when the church,

cat with mouse

Several times, when I was a boy, living in my family on the small market garden farm of my father, our cat Rusty left a ‘gift’ at our backdoor.

Mahatma Ghandi

Though a Hindu, Mahtama Ghandi was a great admirer of Jesus. He wished, though that those who called themselves Christians would live more like the Christ whom they claimed to worship and serve.

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