Minding My A's and B's

Authentic Leadership


Dan Webster of Authentic Leadership, Inc. spoke at a pastor’s conference I attended. He helped us to begin to look within to see if we were really ‘leading from the pages of our life.’

He also shared about the importance of leaders knowing the difference between A issues and B issues in their ministries — issues and actions that, simply put, are those things one has got to get to, and get done, in the days and weeks of months of involvement.

B issues are those things that must be done and yet, even when done, will at best keep your ministry or organization treading water, staying abreast – copacetic. Left undone they will lead to problems, harm, dissension, mess. But done - even, well-done, they will not advance the cause and move it forward farther to where you want to go.

A issues are the things that matter, that need to be done, should be done, must be done - and in your leadership role, you are the only one who can do them. The doing of A issues will result in significant advance towards the goals and fruitfulness that is our aim.

It is very difficult to prioritize, and sometimes even to discern and weigh the differences between A and B issues and actions – particularly when you are the only person around or responsible to do all the necessary things inherent in your job and ministry. But we must figure this out.

I must take some time in my own life and ministry to discern the differences - in my tasks, my relationships in the home and with friends, my wider opportunities and plans for leisure, holiday, travel – the spending of my year. What are my A priorities and B priorities?

I must find the four or five primary things to do (again that only I can do) – for this day, week, month, year – the A issues — and I must learn what are important, but relatively speaking only B issues, and learn how to fit them in, if at all. I should spent 80 % of my time working on the A issues.

The necessary B issues that I do not do because I have prioritized my actions and time in following through on the major A issues – I must learn to delegate to others: to team members if I have any, or to those contracted or hired to with me to advance the mission, or other volunteers who have time, gifts and abilities to assist.

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