Old Clock

Heirlooms that Last


This clock belonged to my great aunt, Mary Willoughby Potter, who lived with her husband Jim at Freeman’s Corners (now part of Burlington, Ontario) early in the last century. When she died she left enough money to my grandfather, Gordon Barber, for him to purchase a farm on the Upper Middle Road (now the Queen Elizabeth Way), just east of the Guelph Line. The farm is now the property of Tamarack Lumber.

Aunt Mary is long gone now, as is my father who enjoyed the clock for many years, always desiring it to be placed in a place of prominence - honouring not only the time it kept but also the kindness of an aunt who helped to launch and stabilize a family that otherwise would have continued moving around, just trying to keep afloat in depression times.

The times change, dear ones go, but clocks themselves keep ticking.

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