Our Marvellous Brains

Who'd Have Though It?



The brain doesn’t like logical, rational, conscious thinking - and will take any shortcut it can.

This is why music, art, symbol and nuance are so important.
Perhaps the brain could or should be ‘disciplined’ more, but it will always quickly be influenced by - will leap to, or default to, what’s easiest to see, grasp and understand (or a least make (leap to?) a conclusion and attending action (or non-action). Advertizers know this and try to trick, entice the brain in this, even further, so as to entice and encourage action siuch as: ‘Buy my product! Buy me!’
The brain is not the echange and flow of impulses along long, linear lines (like telephone wires or electricity in a house). Rather, it is more like a constellation and the mysterious attraction and pull of intersecting ‘planets.’  Or, it is like the microworld of neutrons and protons, often mysterious exchaning information, impulses and influence, sharing data and affects in seemingly irrevelevant but always correlated ways.
That is, unless the brain is broken - but even then, it remains mysterious and wonderful in its abilities and effects, and sometimes provides for and enables more beauty and wonder than a ‘healthy’ intact brain - as, witness, the ‘savant’ who can remember all the names and numbers of a phone directory (thank you 'Rainman') or the pianist who, though blind and discordant in various body-members, can hear and reproduce, exquisitely and incredibly, the most difficult, complex and varied works of master composers and musicians.

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