Robert & Harriet

My Barber Progenitors


Robert Barber married Harriet Oakes (nee Oakes) in Guelph, Ontario, in 1836. He helped to carve what would become the Royal City of Guelph out of the forest, working for a time for Mr. Fergusson-Blair. Gradually he would realize his dream of owning his own farm.

Robert and Harriet rented and mortgaged land (ownership going back and forth to creditors as they fought to establish farming 'footage') initially, farming just a few miles north of Eden Mills on the south-east quarter of Concession 2, Lot 4, Eramosa Township, Wellington County, Ontario - the name appearing on an old county map of 1852. The land bordered swamp and stream and seems not to have been very productive. Or maybe it just wasn’t ‘enough.’

Finally he was able to buy a 100 acre farm at Lot 12, 7th Concession. The road bordering Eramosa and Erin townships connects with today’s Regional Road 24, just east of Everton. The Barber name appears there in 1875 and in 1901; descendants live there to this day.

From the area of Fressingfield in North East Suffolk, where Barbers have lived since at least the early 15th Century, to farm in Wellington County, the journey has taken the family many miles and through many adventures.

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