Boathouse by lock

boathous by lock

Trent-Servern waterway

Red Barn on Shore

Red barn on Severn

A view along the Trent-Severn waterway in Ontario.

Green Beauty

green beauty

Reflections of the Trent-Severn waterway in Ontario.

Yellow Chair

the yellow chair

View along the Trent-Severn waterway of Ontario.

Lake Ontario Sail

Lake Ontario Sail

Sailing between Belleville and Kingston


Kenya - symbols

Reading, understanding and appreciating the symbols, art, language and cultural mores of others is vitally necessary in mission.

Under Sail

Sail boat on Lake Ontario

Sailing near Kingston on Lake Ontario

Severn Beauty

Severn Beauty

Along the Trent-Severn canal and waterway, Ontario.

Yellow Glory

yellow flower

Love the summer

sail boat

I feel the winds of God today
Today my sail I lift
Though heavy, oft with drenching spray
And torn with many a rift.

Topiary Tapestry - Burlington Botanical Gardens

Irish Shop and Bike

bike with flower against shop

I took this photo a few years ago when I travelled with Jane and friend to Croagh Patrick in County Mayo, Ireland. It is one of the many places where St.

Setting Table

a table set

To sit at table with family or friends, is sheer gift and something that doesn't always happen much any more, in some homes.

Medieval Crucifix


The Cross shifts the time and flow of history.

With Passion

man playing Chinese instrument

Anything worth doing, is worth doing passionately.

Chesapeake Ducks

two ducks

A mallard couple in the Chesapeake

More Snow Splendour

Snow Day

I love the Seasons. I love the Snow - looking at it that is, before its beauty fades, the whiteness turns to black, the magic pristine crystals slush.

Shortened Days of Autumn

The colours of Autumn

Taken near Collingwood, Ontario, the colours of Autumn fade as leaves fall and soon give way to the basic white and black of Winter.

Harvest Rolls

Harvest scene in PEI

Harvest scene in Prince Edward Island, not far from the Confederation Bridge.

God is Present

Celtic Text

This heavy pewter emblem with text was purchased during a visit to Iona, Scotland. I'm not sure how old the inscribed sentiments are (you could look it up).

Butterfly Trophies

The Modern Age led people to organize, and analyze, in this case to chloroform butteryfly beauty and pin it on white-board (complete with frame) - and give it a Latin name.


From a visit to Lebanon. The ancient city of Byblos is about an hour's drive north of Beirut. It is claimed as the world's oldest, continually-inhabited city.


Nairobi road

One of the most beautiful cities in sub-Saharan Africa, Nairobi is a city of contrasts - of great wealth and great poverty, of things that are ugly and squalid with things that are gorgeously brill

He Knows My Name

Teddy Bears with names on frocks

This display at a Fall Fair reminded me, contrary to the similarities of mass production, of the uniqueness of each one of us, fashioned by the Creator who not only knew us but loved us, uniquely -

Starting over . . .

garden ferns

The seasons come 'round as promised following the Flood. Hope spring fresh from the garden of new life . . .

Tied Up . . .

Boat moored in the harvour, Oban, Scotland

Important to keep our moorings in changing times . . .

The harbour at Oban, Scotland.

Life that Counts

Fitting Epitaphs

So, there is this little line or squiggle between the birth and death dates on many tombstones. Life is what happens along the squiggle.


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