Fading Autumn

House in autum view

Too soon the Summer goes and then the bright Autumn, fading into the cold and snow of Winter. I love the Seasons - but it's all going far too quickly 'round.

Some folk are interesting – exciting even, to know – but they’re not fun to walk with . . .

A lamp in old Montreal

I like things that are old – sometimes more than that which is new — old paths and old lights that still work and are helpful, still, for today’s travel.

From the Garden of . . .


Lilies in my garden at Winderset.

Danger and Adventure

Lake Ontario and sailboats

Danger high-lites the paradoxical nature of good and evil. To attempt anything is to risk; to get up in the morning is to tempt Providence, though God's mercies are new each morning.

Botanical Gardens

RBG flower and bee

Whenever I visit the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario, I think of how much I used to hate being dragged there as a boy, since a Sunday afternoon with parents and two teasing

June Walk

Some images from the home of a friend . . .

Spring Pictures

Just out driving around, this afternoon, and snapping a few spring pics . . .


Walking by a stream near my home as Spring unfolds – could anything be better? . . .

The mill dams and falls at Almonte, Ontario

My work used to take me to the beautiful Ottawa Valley area of Ontario.

Impressed Yet ?

Smitten, I’m sure . . . How can two walk (er, swim) together unless they are agreed ?

A goose couple at Lasalle Park, Burlington, Ontario.

Swan Lake

White swan

I visit LaSalle Park in Burlington, to try and get my bearings and to marvel at the majesty and serenity of the swans.

family and friends

We need to form more partnerships and find more friends to help us on our Journey.

Cross in St. Martin's chapel, Iona

Prayer is talking to God, with God, connecting.

old Ontario barn

Ontario winter,
and roots in black soil of century past,
white covered, snow laden.

Celtic Cross, St. Martin's Chapel, Iona

A famous sermon was entitled, 'When Life Caves In, What Then?'

The Blue Boat

a moored blue boat

This picture of a moored small blue boat was shot in the harbour of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, at medium tide.

Stained glass, Glasgow museum

As with most great books and authors, one can re-read them with new insight and increased profit time and again.

Nunnery Ruins, Iona, Scotland

flowers at nunnery ruins, Iona

Things both new and old are worth pursuing.

The old nunnery at Iona, Scotland. The spring flowers come alive in the midst of ruin and decay - as always.

Provider and Radiance

Two boats

Things are not always as they appear. The appearance of these weathered, rusty boats, moored in the harbour at Oban Scotland, seem to bely their names: Provider and Radiance.

my red violin

This is one of two violins which I own.

Isle of Mull

View of Mull

This view is from the Holy Island of Iona in western Scotland, looking across, east, to the Isle of Mull.

Laurie Barber

When I start a new blog or web-site, I think: So, here we go and one can only hope it all improves as we go!


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