Loss of Missional Understanding

Getting Out More


Are we in danger or have we actually missed the point of why the Church exits, why were called out and into? C. S. Lewis once observed that "there exists in every church something that sooner or later works against the very purpose for which it came into existence."

We must strive to keep the church focused on the mission Jesus has given it. But what are we to do when a local church has been reduced to a remnant of faithful, albeit disheartened people, especially compared to days of former strength and glory?  

Surely, it has now got to do something radical (but what?), for mere survival at least. But can it possibly thrive again, be revitalized?

I believe the hope for dying churches is a rediscovery of original mission: Jesus purpose and this local church's contextual opportunity - not to try to get people to come to church, but to get the church people to go out and into those places where normal people normally do the things normal people do.

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