Lost Love



To be betrayed, and to feel left behind, lost, forgotten and alone. It's the experience that most of us experience at one time or another. Some of us experience 'the rain' often, or over various periods of our life.

Rainy days too can bring it all back:  -  the sleepless nights, the angry words, thoughtless or cruel acts, and the words not said or wrongly spoken.

Our humaness and fraility strike home at such times. Although we are made in and for relationship and community, the reality is that often we are deeply hurt by the thoughless or intentional words and actions (or the lack of them) of others - sometimes by those we had trusted and had thought to be very close. 'You only hurt the ones you love,' they say - and perhaps the reverse is also true: 'We are only really hurt by the ones we thought loved us.'

'Faithful are the wounds of a friend,' says the Scripture, but also - 'The friend whom I trusted has betrayed me.'

Sometimes we have to sit or lie down to prevent, it seems, our deep heart emotions flowing out and onto the floor beneath us.

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