Old Church Window
In a worship service I attended, we came to the time for the reading of the Scripture.

One Foundation

An old hymn whose truths are ever new.


‘The Church’s One Foundation’ - S. J. Stone 1866 -     

Public Domain   Tune: Aurelia

'The problem with life is that its so daily,' said Wood Allen once. Another problem - if it is that, is that life is very short.

Freeman Barber - worshop


So, my wife asked me evening. ‘Do you ever think about dying?  Hmmm. Good question in this day of pandemic pandemonium, uncertainty and fear.

In light of the present Corona Virus, I offer this short video in the hope it may give some perspective, help and hope to those who see it.

Man writing by candle light

A movie based on James 2: 1 - 12  (The New Testament, NIV)

Christmas wreath

So we’ve come to the serious waiting time that is Advent as we long for the joys of Christmas, the memories, inspiration, spirit and impetus of Christmas.


We are ever grateful for the sacrifices made to combat Evil in all the ways it is manifest in our broken world.

Spreading Tree

Trees are a gift to the planet. And more: they are absolutely essential for life.

They stand among us and around us in sheer, wondrous grandeur.

Sparks in darkness

All of one, all of a piece
Different, and somehow one in same
Another day, ev'ning to follow
Another day, for good or ill.

Morning Dew on Grasses

We are all inspired at times. By someone. By something.

misty forest

Inspired by the music of my friend, Emil G. of Salt Spring Studios, the following poem came to me  - and the beautiful images from StoryBlocks. I hope it inspires you too.

There are lots of reasons to be unhappy in life

There is a God who hears, understands, responds and sustains. If we seek God we will find Him.
garbage truck and man loading

Garbage Day is part of the routine for most of us in the First World. We're fortunate we can discard it... out of sight, our of mind...

Sunrise through trees

We take it for granted, but really, there's no guarantee that we will get up on any given morning. Each day, every morning's dawning, is sheer gift — a resurrection.

open Bible

A movie roughly based on Psalm 23 - The Lord is my Shepherd.... with score written by Laurie Barber using Logic Pro X, Eric Whitacre choral voicings, and violin.

The words of this beautiful Christmas song were written by Margaret Rose, and the music by Michael Head.

Creche, Nativity Scene

Someone to enlighten our darkness
Someone to help in our distress
Someone whose presence warms on coldest nights
Walking close beside us on our Journey


Thoughts on the Birth of Christ from St. John Chrysostom --

Bethlehem Birth

The gift of Christmas in all the elements of the gift-wrapping and packaging of Bethlehem in Judea, in fulfilment of ancient prophecy. -- 'born this day a Saviour Who is Christ - the Lord!'

I love the kind of simplicity and clarity that is evident in the following.

The Lord's Supper

God so loved the world (cosmos)...

A brief meditation on John 3: 16,17

Writing in the Washington Post, March 8, 2018, Sarah Pulliam Bailey introduces -- and may re-introduce to many, the Christian author Madeline L’Engle who apparently managed through the years by her

How great is the love that the Father has lavished upon us, that we should be called the Children of God. And that is what we are...

See I John 3:1 - 3

trees silhouette - sunset

Martin Rees writes - Black holes are simpler than forests and science has its limits.

Epiphany! - The Light of Christ dawns on the whole world, every nation, every person.

The seasons come 'round and Winter crowds in to take its share of the year. it's an awesome time, with both beauty and challenge.


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