The Morning Breaks


Inspired by the music of my friend, Emil G. of Salt Spring Studios, the following poem came to me  - and the beautiful images from StoryBlocks. I hope it inspires you too.

An early morning walk by placid lake
The mist so soon dispelled by sun’s array
Now bird may stir and spread his wings, and take
In beak a fly that's barely seen the day

Plop — and fish-jump boldly breaks the mirror
Cattails, web with glistening dew are there
The morning meal a happy frog now sates
Beside the path, a resting vessel waits.

As lilies open, stretching t'ward the light
Nature’s day replaces creatures of the night
I pause - transfixed, the spreading vista fired
Just being there, my soul aflame, inspired.

- Laurie Barber, 2019

Music: Emil G. Salt Spring Studios
Sounds: by Lake Ontario shore
Acoustic Instruments: Piano, Harp, Cello, Violin and Viola.
Vocals: Emil G.

Tochar Studios, 2019

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