Corona Virus

Darkness to Dawn


In light of the present Corona Virus, I offer this short video in the hope it may give some perspective, help and hope to those who see it.

There will be a new dawning and a new day - despite the present evil and darkness.

We take for granted the start of new days

But wake up refreshed in a grace-sprinkled haze
We lie down in trust that we’ll live through the night
No guarantee’s given we’ll see the first light
Every day’s dawning is Heaven’s sheer gift
We’re wanting to hope, but what yet will come of this?
Despite the dim light we dare reach for the intangible
Resurrection in kind, new birth that’s made possible
Even in darkness, if we will look we will find
The many sure signs bringing solace to mind
Bright stars and new rays, for the night will soon pass
Reminding us even dark moments can’t last
We thank those immersed in research and discovery 
And all who with sacrifice help earth’s recovery 
Who seek to ease pain in a world barely living
We value the findings and hope they are bringing
The span of our life is the blink of an eye
We press on though doubting, though oft with a sigh
We want to share goodness, despite this mean-while
Too soon the brief heart beats attend our last mile
Alone and apart, we’re in it together
Each for the one and all for the other
Unable to be there, we’ll care and we’ll heed
Helping to bring forth the blessing each needs
Thanks then to all who do the best things in the worst times
Bringing forth treasures, new wonders of all kinds
Despite all of life’s trials that threaten and smother
They show us the love and the care of Another
L. Barber  April 2020

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