As Sparks Fly Upward

Day and Night Again...


All of one, all of a piece
Different, and somehow one in same
Another day, ev'ning to follow
Another day, for good or ill.

We wake, take time, perhaps to ponder
Or - pressing schedule, hit the road
Life crowds in, the minutes greedy
And death awaits - we hope not soon.

And, if the day has come for ill
Then how to find the strength to bear?
And if for good, how best give thanks?

Days and seasons ever changing
Patterns, habits, hard to break
Rhythms too that guide our footsteps
Getting by as time goes by.

Thinking, thanking, dreaming, hoping
Prayer and patience, pluck and faith
As the moments make their journey
Moving days to what will be.

'...born to trouble, as the sparks fly upward.'
- Job 56:7, The Bible

And yet -

'Weeping may last for a night - but joy comes in the morning.'
- Psalm 30:5b, The Bible

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