A Strong Tower

Daring to Draw Near


There is a God who hears, understands, responds and sustains. If we seek God we will find Him.
Initially, we may run the other way, or we may come slowly and reluctantly. But we dare draw closer still, until at last we are in His near presence and care.
Once we have experienced this love in proximity, we will run back to it - to Him, as often as we can - to this Person, this Love, this Relationship with the One who made us (and also the universe...).
It is not enough to know about God; it is a relationship He seeks and that we at heart need and want to know.
The faith-full are not special nor 'righteous' in themselves. They have been made 'right' and able to draw near: - 'boldly' say the Scriptures, with access through a Mediator, through trust in Christ and His finished work at Calvary. All such are brought into right relationship with the Creator Who continually works within to make us more the person He had in mind when, for instance, He first thought about creating 'me.' And at heart if we're honest, it's who we truly long to be.
It makes all the difference in this life - and the next.
"The Name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it - and are safe." - Proverbs 18:10


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