Christmas wreath

So we’ve come to the serious waiting time that is Advent as we long for the joys of Christmas, the memories, inspiration, spirit and impetus of Christmas.

Tomb at Sunset


There is a certain and inevitable outcome to our lives. We shall not live for ever. And that’s a fact.

There is a God who hears, understands, responds and sustains. If we seek God we will find Him.

Through the seasons and through the years, God proves God's Self faithful to those who trust Him, and carries, sustains and forgives even when we find ourselves struggling to believe, to trust and

Weed, Wild Carrot

The Psalmist (103: 15-18) speaks of the brevity of life but also of the promise of God's covenant love and mercy - a prompt to those who wisely determine to trust and obey the Lord.

Every year it strikes me anew how in practically every instance when the resurrected Jesus appears to his disciples they do not recognize that it is He who is alive and well and present with them.

So my father's oldest sister, the only sibling remaining, is celebrating her 102nd birthday in this month of April in the year of our Lord  - two thousand and seventeen.

churchyard gate

The psalmist encourages the people of God to (Psalm 37:4) 'take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.'

pale sun in mist

I start with the assumption that there is a God. I don’t have enough faith to think otherwise.

My father died in March of 2007. I wrote this shortly before he passed through . . .

Sometimes, we feel ourselves almost shut-down (or shot down) in terms of making any kind of headway, of being understood or having our pathway made straight and smooth.

My time in training for Christian ministry in study for a Master of Divinity at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, overlapped with Tim Keller, who has been a very able and respected pastor and au

In many ways, in Lent we are living in a time in-between. And it’s a ‘mean-while.’

Faith can be warm and even fervent. It’s not how much you have but whether it actually connects you to the Source of all comfort, the Ground of all being.

The Gate of the Year

Ah yes, - The Gate of the Year. It seems like another year is about to dawn upon us. A brand new year. And all of us wonder what it will bring.

A narrated video describing the captivity and release of ancient Israel from the Egyptians, but their subsequent 40 year wandering in the wilderness between the place of bondage and the Land of Pro

Lake view in Prisma

We all want justice, but few of us want to be judged.

Praying Hands

There's lots that's wrong with the world, as well as - well, the opposite, right?

Now here’s a thought: - God’s Presence in our lives can be known, appreciated and responded to, as we pay attention to all the various ways God speaks and shows God’s-Self to us, in our every day.

Might this mean that some who think they are doing theology, aren't? - not really doing it unless it's true Scripture-mining that is led and enabled by God's Spirit.

"Since I am coming to that holy room,
Where, with thy choir of saints for evermore,
I shall be thy music; as I come
I tune the instrument here at the door,

Really, fear is selfishness. We are concerned too much about what others think of us – how am I doing? Will I fit in? Will they laugh at me? Will others see my failure and take pleasure in it?

A life of trust in God is a beautiful life. The effects and blessings are palpable; others cannot help but notice.

Seeing in Believing

Hand and Child

Life is indeed hard - and harsh. All of at times are tempted to complain. Well, actually more than tempted . . . we do whinge and whine don't we? - not that it helps.

praying angel

As a Christian, I can heartily affirm the following reflection of Abraham Joshua Heschel, God In Search of Man: A Philosphy of Judais.

Jesus frescoe

When I was growing up, after supper Dad would say: ‘Get the Book.’ And then we’d pray.

autumn berries

When I’m ‘on’ with the Lord, good things come to me. When I’m not; they don’t. I can’t explain it. I couldn’t say it’s normal or biblical, or the way it should be or always is.


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