When You Just Have to Say It



Was it Camus who said, 'In the midst of my winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.' He was an atheist, however. I have been drawn by the same inner reality to a different conclusion: that this world, the universe and all things and people in it have been created by a loving, purposeful Being.

And sometimes because that is so, I just want to stop and give thanks.

There's an old hymn that talks about our being 'lost in wonder, love and praise.' Its focus is the glad response at the end of time of the faith-full who will 'cast our crowns before Him...' - in the immediate Presence of our God and King.

But even now, in any day, we may find ourselves caught up in moments of beauty and grandeur that elicit from deep within a heart and voice of praise and thanksgiving.

Creator and creation... We were made to resonate, to be in synch -- to be in relationship with our Maker, and with all that He has made.

And sometimes, I hope for you, often... we may find ourselves strangely drawn towards Him.

It may be in a tiny church or in the cathedral of the woods. Perhaps in the midst of a busy day or even in the context of challenge, adversity, sorrow and trial. -- perhaps in a tiny field of green or in a human-hand-created cathedral, complete with pipe organ, stained windows - and spires. Whatever... where ever...

Wonderful when it happens, when we are happily drawn out and up and in, deeper still.

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