Being a Person of Faith

winter forest
I have always loved Winter. 

The Irish, since the times of the ancient Celts of that green land, have cherished the idea of ‘thin spots’ - believing, that though the Almighty is always near, there are times and places when tha

Angel Dancing

Angels announced the First Advent of our Lord, as they will the Second.

We too join in the singing and the Joy of their God's-Spell announcements.


Music - Laurie Barber

Christmas wreath

So we’ve come to the serious waiting time that is Advent as we long for the joys of Christmas, the memories, inspiration, spirit and impetus of Christmas.

open Bible

A movie roughly based on Psalm 23 - The Lord is my Shepherd.... with score written by Laurie Barber using Logic Pro X, Eric Whitacre choral voicings, and violin.

There is beauty in the pain, 
And brilliance borders the insane,      
No night can stop the breaking dawn 
Nor rivers dammed from flowing on. 

laughing man, Albert & Victoria Museum, London

The photo is from the Albert and Victoria Museum in London, England.

church and alps and sky

A personal prayer using words adopted (and adapted) from Psalm 36.

We have so much for which to thank our God.

Thanksgiving could be thanks-living, each and every day.


ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father; We have erred, and strayed from your ways like lost sheep. We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts.

Knowledge is great, but what to do with it? We need wisdom - but where to find it?

Knowing God and God's perspective on our world and on our lives is key.

We join in worship, angels 'round the Throne
To worship Him whose death made us His own
With elders, saints and martyrs in that Room -

Weed, Wild Carrot

The Psalmist (103: 15-18) speaks of the brevity of life but also of the promise of God's covenant love and mercy - a prompt to those who wisely determine to trust and obey the Lord.

Psalm 42 describes the longing - and the memories of satisfaction known in the past, for God moments.

rugged landscape and Mediterranean Sea

I met a man from Syria who only a short time before had come to faith in Jesus Christ. In the brief time I had with him, he shared how he first encountered the Saviour.

Sheep and Cross, Scotland

God’s Heaven’s near, a Throne holds sway
Close to creation’s sphere,
And there are places thin, that cry
This is God's world, His Presence near.

Every year it strikes me anew how in practically every instance when the resurrected Jesus appears to his disciples they do not recognize that it is He who is alive and well and present with them.

So my father's oldest sister, the only sibling remaining, is celebrating her 102nd birthday in this month of April in the year of our Lord  - two thousand and seventeen.

churchyard gate

The psalmist encourages the people of God to (Psalm 37:4) 'take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.'

Pilgrim in Rome

London England’s church, St. Martin’s in the Field, at one time had the following statements of belief on their website (not inclusive here): -

Sometimes, we feel ourselves almost shut-down (or shot down) in terms of making any kind of headway, of being understood or having our pathway made straight and smooth.

The 'fruits' of one's life are on public display. We can discern to some degree the heart of an individual by what they say and do.

In a day when I feel within such angst, anger and uncertainty, in a world that is so full of shifting tides and unsettling seasons - of injustice, fear and fear-mongering, false witness and 'altern

Faith can be warm and even fervent. It’s not how much you have but whether it actually connects you to the Source of all comfort, the Ground of all being.


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