My pursuit of genealogy as a hobby has become a passion, perhaps even an addiction.

Lambshead – interesting name, that.

African sun

Recently archaeologists in South Africa discovered early hominid fossils. The find is in a cave whose entrance upon is technically challenging.

US Civil War Reenactment

Every late Summer, characters from the North and the South sides of the US Civil War gather for a reenactment weekend at Otterville, Ontario.

Glendalough, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Ancient monastery ruins. Built by St. Kevin and once home to hundreds of monks.

Stained Glass

Stained glass window

St. Mary’s, Bury St. Edmund, Suffolk, England

After All Those Years

An old wooden house still standing in Lanark County, Ontario. The Ottawa Valley

Old Log Barn

Ottawa Valley barn

Lanark County, Ontario

sepia: columns in Glasgow Cathedral

We were on our way to Iona, the Holy Island. But we flew into Glasgow, the home city of my wife's paternal line - Glasgow in Lanark County, Scotland.

Crumbling Old Ontario Barn

sepia: old barn

We take for granted that these old barns, all over Ontario, will be around for ever. They won’t be.

This reminder of another day can be found just east of Rockwood, Ontario.

ascending stairs

"We think we are headed toward the future. The truth is, the future is headed toward us." So says author Reggie McNeal in his book, The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church.

Chepenhall Manor House

I like to escape into history and to find through my own genealogical records some length and breadth and perspective for the living of my days.

Ruins in Ephesus

Walking through Ephesus (in modern day Turkey), recently, was an incredible experience. It is ‘up and down’ terrain, situated in a long sloping valley between two mountains.

Celtic Cross, Clonmacnoise, Ireland

On a recent trip to Ireland, I visited the ancient site of the monastery of Clonmacnoise, Ireland. Dating back nearly 1,500 years, it is located in County Offaly.

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