Above the Clouds

God's Grandeur


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The wonder and mystery of creation is of course not limited to planet earth. Our planet, in fact, is a tiny dot in the midst of our galaxy, which in turn is part of a universe of myriad galaxies. Most of the universe we cannot see – with its dark holes and dark matter.

But what we can see staggers the imagination, The immensity, the complexity and – well yes, again – the mystery of it all, is beyond our comprehension, as yet and likely will be forever.

Some posit that there is no God. I have chosen – I guess it’s faith, to believe that there is. Even so for ‘believers,’ most of our little stories, our mere metaphors, our limited words – or great concepts of understanding cannot begin to name, discover, comprehend or certainly exhaust the knowledge of Who and What God is.

‘Your God is too small!’ wrote J.B. Phillips. True – even for believers . . .

And yet the Scriptures and God’s Spirit Himself can lead us into faith, into truth, into some measure, though admittedly small, of the God Who is there and who is not silent. The humble pause to ask, to ponder, to act in faith. Anyone can experiment with the Reality of the Presence of Another. The deep heart can ask; we call it prayer: ‘God show me, illumine me, tell me, teach me.’ What has happened when you did that? – or what would? . . .

The planets, stars and galaxies show us how big, how great God is.

Jesus (‘Deity contracted in a span,’ said John Wesley) tells us what God is like. Truth is God in Jesus-shape. And that Truth is all Love.

At least, ‘the Bible tells me so’ - and I hope 'you.'

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