In Christ All Things Hold Together

An Angel Moves


George F. MacLeod, founder of the Iona Community, wrote many wonderful prayers. In one, entitled The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory, MacLeod talks of Jesus as the One who though He is invisible yet He can be seen. With our 'earthly eyes' we do not see Him; we see only 'stones and dust and dross.' There are those who try to analyze Him and matters of faith as if that could be done as by science measuring things in a laboratory.

But for those who have faith, Jesus is to be seen indeed. He holds all things together. Says the Scripture: 'In Him all things consist.' It's how our world and all things in it, all things in the universe, are held togther. By His Creative Hand and Power. We live in a world of wonder, of the Spirit and of things unseen, but nevertheless there - and true.

The very atom is high energy, says MacLeod.
the grass is vibrant, the rocks pulsate.
All is in flux;
turn but a stone
and an angel moves.


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