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Yorkshire Records


Usually, I will be posting all things to do with genealogy in that section of this site. I subscribe to and It's a far cry and vast improvement on the afternoons I used to spend in early days of research, trolling through microfiche and microfilm in local LDS libraries.

These sites and others are constantly releasing and putting online new information for public research. I was particularly delighted to find's recent submissions of Yorkshire record data, as I have so many family members who lived in that area. The records are not merely transcriptions but visuals of original parish documents, many of which are very difficult to decipher (not to mention the Latin in many instances).

My Dad's mother was born in Cowesby, Yorkshire and most of her ancestors were from the North Riding of that county. The photo is of she and my grandpa, taken  about the time of their engagement. I love the evidence of their joy and laughter bubbling up here.

So, I have much new and further work to do, as I delve into these new records.



                                                                     Alice Annie Green (1890 - 1976) and Gordon Barber (1889 - 1967)





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