In Word and Deed

Evangelism Part III - A Call to Help


We want to share with others, through word and deed, in all the various ways in which the Good News of Jesus can be passed on to others. The Antioch Christians were already sharing their faith before Barnabas showed up (and later Saul after Barnabas fetched him from his home town of Tarsus, to come and help Barnabas in a leadership and teaching ministry in the new church

We too can see our neighbour’s need; our world’s need, and offer help in both verbalizing and showing in practical outcome ways, in sharing our faith, joining in our tasks to do so, as a church and as individuals, as ambassadors of God: in mission and evangelism.

Prayer is an essential element and ingredient in this task. It is our happy, possible conversation with God at all times and in all place. And alsop, we need the prevenient, attending and continuing ministry of the Holy Spirit whose ministry - as this passage indicates, is key. The Spirit of God opens the hearts and minds of people to the truth of the Gospel; so that they can savingly embrace Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

We share the Good News, we pray . . . while all the time God is working in the midst of new and even (to us) impossible situation, bringing people to know and worship Jesus as Messiah, Saviour and Lord.

All of this we need as we enter the New Year and if ever we as a church and individuals are going to be used of God in bringing others to know Him. We need Humility. We need to Hear - to listen for God’s Voice; harkening to His Word. We need to Help where we can, as we can – as God sends us to people we know or don’t yet know.

With the helpful gifts of prayer and pre-eminently the Gift of God’s Holy Spirit we do spiritual battle and go on spiritual journeys in this here real, tangible world working for Christ, labouring faithfully & obediently and, pray God - fruitfully, watching with joy as others too come to know Him whom to know rightly means -LIFE Abundant and Eternal.

With Barnabas-like leaders and a grace-filled, Holy Spirited grass-roots ministry, any church today, like that ancient church in Antioch in Syria, may see the great and mighty saving work of our Lord.

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