Where Were You?!

Creation Reveal's God's Self


Whenever we ask Who and What is God? Who and What is He like? - the first answer that Scripture gives seems to be: 'Look at what I’ve made! Look at the Creation!’

There may be fuller, more complete answer in the Book of Revelation (i.e. the Scriptures) and I believe there are, but we must look past or too quickly by the wonder of all that is, that all that exists around us, that God has created - known to us now, things wonderful, powerful, beautiful and majestic. And much that still awaits discovery.

God responds, here and throughout Scripture, time and again, with: 'Look at Creation!' It's as if God is saying: 'Creation is my Baby!' - and I'm more concerned about it - and you, the creature, and all else in it, then you can or ever will be. And i'm working on fixing it, restoring it. It's wonderful now; it says so much about me now ('nuff said), and wait till you see it fully restored one day, when you shall be as Christ, like Him, seeing Him as He is - and all Creation as it was meant to be.'

God reveals God’s Self in what has been created. It all tells us something about God's-Self, though usually it’s beyond our ability to fathom it, to know the fullness and implications of revelation. The Book of Nature tells us about God and the Book of Scripture fine-tunes that, and tells us even more: of God's love, compassion, care, and past, present and future intervenions and plans.

There’s enough wonder, enough mystery, suspense and tension to ponder in the universe in which even the brightest and keenest among us find themselves at a loss. Only fools rush in too soon with platitudes, suggestions and ‘answers.’

Job knew that. He wished his ‘friends’ did as well.

It’s remains true that as we consider 'all Thy mercies, O my God . . .' - overwhelmed, we are "lost in wonder, love and praise."

The soundtrack is "Impromptu in Quarter" by Kevin MacLeod which is used under Creative Commons permission, free online via Youtube Music. The video clips are from VideoBlocks, free via my basic subscription.

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